Uber Date Night

I already know what you’re thinking. No, this isn’t some new form of speed dating or dating for Uber drivers. It has become quite popular for people who have had one too many drinks to call an Uber, particularly on a holiday but how about Ubering as part of a date night? I came up with this idea because when we go to the movies we usually pick a time to go when 5 o’clock rush hour traffic is still fairly heavy.

Movies have gotten so long that you only have 2 choices. Either catch a 7:00 to 7:45 showing and be home by 10 or 11 o’clock or a catch a 9:00 to 10:30 showing, which means you’re not getting home until 12 or 1am. We always choose the former otherwise one or both of us may wind up nodding off halfway through the movie. With that being said, who wants to fight traffic on the way to work, work all day, and fight traffic all the way back home just to get right back out and fight traffic again on a date night?

Something we found out while Uber dating is in many cases there not only is no difference between UberX and Uber Comfort, in some cases the UberX car is more of a comfort than the Uber Comfort option. One would think when you choose a ‘comfort’ option the vehicle is going to be a larger, luxury-oriented option like maybe a Cadillac or a Lincoln.

I was surprised to see a Volkswagen Passat show up for the Uber Comfort option, and upon our return the UberX option yielded a Dodge Charger R/T. Now don’t get me wrong. The Passat was a nice car but the Dodge Charger is a larger, more comfortable vehicle. The point is why pay more for a smaller car when one can simply choose the less expensive option and have the same chances of getting a larger car?

Uber dating turned out to be a nice idea. We enjoyed having a conversation without worrying about traffic and with Ubering there is less wear and tear on your own car. No need to stop for gas and I can keep my parking space instead of worrying about searching for a space after returning home.

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