Fifth Gear Foodie

“It’s a motorcycle blog!” I chuckled at this message from an online friend. I gave my blog page another scan—Yep. After seeing title after title of motorcycle adventures I could see how someone could assume that my blog is only about riding motorcycles. The headline pic of Jay and me 2-up on an Indian Roadmaster didn’t help either. Nevertheless, if you read the intro to my blog you can see that the focus is Afrocentric eclecticism. Okay, so my blog may be biker oriented but if you dig a little deeper you’ll notice that I cover other topics such as love, relationships, and travel.

As time transpires I will endeavor to cover a plethora of topics as contrary to the status quo I do not live a monolithic lifestyle. I don’t pursue an eclectic life to be braggadocious or pretentious at social gatherings. I’m in constant pursuit of eclecticism to remain relevant, aware and excited with life and the world I live in.

ROGUE ZULU is still a relatively new blog considering I had another blog under Squarespace as far back as 2009. I was in an almost completely different space (pun intended) at that time and my writing reflected as such. I regrettably decided to delete my entire collection of writings several years ago applicable to the reason why Lenny Kravitz cut his locs. With that being said, I’ve also expanded to the realm of YouTube by creating a channel by the name of Fifth Gear Foodie.

Fifth Gear Foodie came about as a result of combining my love of cross country motorcycle riding, motorcycle camping and cooking. I made a conscious choice to go against the grain by not only choosing a smaller cruiser more suited to hopping around town than crossing a continent rather than a big Harley Ultra or Honda Goldwing touring motorcycle. I also made the choice to employ the use of full-sized camping gear and cooking utensils instead of the trendy, toy-sized gear and utensils coveted by so many other motorcycle camping enthusiasts. My 2013 Honda Shadow Phantom 750 has a 5-speed transmission and I’m a lover of food, hence the name Fifth Gear Foodie.

Ironically, when you peruse my YouTube channel you’ll not only see my motorcycle adventures across the U.S. you’ll also come across my glorious trek across The United Arab Emirates with Jay as we exchange our vows aboard a dinner cruise in Dubai and go off-roading across the Abu Dhabi desert if you haven’t already discovered the topic here on my blog.

You’ll also come to find out in this blog post that I’ve finally caught up with the times and expanded ROGUE ZULU to Instagram and TikTok. As of yet I haven’t really pursued the venture of maximizing followers or monetizing just yet. I clearly haven’t found the time with so many irons in the fire. I learn as I go and create everything myself, so I’m far from being at the level of providing consistent, entertaining content but that venture is on the horizon. The first step is I’ve finally upgraded from my literally burned out iPhone 5C to an iPhone 14 plus, so you’re going to notice a big change in the quality of my videos. In the coming months I will also partake of writing classes as well as research the wealth of videos on shooting videos with an iPhone 14 since it has a lot of film shooting features that I’ve quickly fallen in love with.

Even with the greatest camera equipment and editing there is only so much that can be covered in a video. The purpose of ROGUE ZULU is to cover the details you don’t see behind the scenes of a YouTube channel. In the coming months we will see if this model becomes something more than just a hobby.

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